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Naut: The Perfect Fit for Water and Boat Enthusiast Collin

From a young age Collin Davis was fascinated by how things worked. He loved taking things apart and putting them back together again, just to see how they functioned. Hearing someone explain something wasn't enough; he needed to see, feel, and understand the physical realm around him. Now working at Naut as the Head of Engineering, Collin discusses his journey into engineering, and how his grand­father's influence played a role in his career choice.­­

Following in the Family Footsteps

Collin’s grandfather was a physical scientist and teacher whose passion for science and experimentation had a profound impact on Collin’s life.

"My grandfather was a huge influence on me. He was always doing experiments and showing me how things worked. He instilled in me a love for physics and experimentation that has stayed with me my entire life." Says Collin.

It was this love for physics that ultimately led Collins to pursue a career in engineering. "Engineering is in line with physics. It's all about understanding how things work and using that knowledge to create new solutions." He explained. While Collin's passion for engineering may have been inherited from his grandfather, his love for the water was certainly influenced by his father. By the time Collin was in his teenage years, he had already become an experienced offshore powerboat enthusiast. His family had owned three different ski boats, all named "obsession", which he and his father enjoyed taking to their limits. They spent countless hours on the water, chasing a few MPH at a time, and pushing each boat to its fullest potential. Their efforts paid off, as they reached a top speed of 72mph on the 35' and an impressive 122mph on the 42'. For Collin, these experiences were more than just a hobby. They were a way of life that allowed him to bond with his father and develop a deep passion for offshore powerboating. These early experiences would later inspire Collin to pursue his own dreams of building and designing electric propulsion systems.

Combining two passions into a career

Growing up in Ohio, Collin was always on, around, or under water.

“Being on boats has always felt like home to me." Collin explained.

In his teens, Collin raced and pushed the limits on offshore powerboats and attended lots of boat shows. As he grew older, he met his New Zealand wife on a super yacht, and they spent many years traveling the world together - spending time on the water and enjoying their shared passion for boating.

"When I heard about Naut and their mission to create a more sustainable future for the boating industry, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Their focus on innovation and sustainability aligned perfectly with my own values and interests. The company combined by two passions, boating and engineering.” He explained.

Joining Naut

As a relatively new company, Naut offers exciting opportunities for growth and development. Collin is excited to see the evolution of his role at the company and how he can contribute to the product offering through testing.

"Real-world practical experience is key to creating and making products commercially viable. I'm excited to be a part of that process and see how we can take our products to the next level." Says Collin.

Collin is also excited about the potential impact that Naut can have on the marine industry. "Electric propulsion is the future of boating and I'm proud to be a part of a company that's at the forefront of that movement." He explains.

First impressions

So far, Collin has been impressed by how great the team is at Naut.

"Everyone is really involved and passionate about the company. It's been amazing to work with such a dedicated group of people." ­­

One of the things that Collin appreciates most about Naut is the leadership of CEO Fiona Bycroft. "She sets a great tone for the group. She's very supportive and encourages everyone to work together to achieve our goals." Says Collin.

Collins' journey into engineering at Naut is a testament to the power of passion and influence. His love for the physical world and his grandfather's influence led him to pursue a career in engineering, where he can test, fail, and create new solutions. As Collins continues to push the boundaries of what's possible at Naut, we're excited to see what he'll accomplish next and we’re glad to welcome him to the team.


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