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Out on the Water: Our Electric Boat Endurance Test Update

A couple of days back, we had an awesome day out endurance testing our electric boat, Beachcomber, and we’re buzzing to share how we got on.

This test was to run the boat for an extended period - we had done all the fun high speed tests, but this endurance test was the first we have done.

Endurance Test

We set off in Whangārei Harbour and headed towards Whangārei Heads.

The tides gave us a bit of a challenge running almost 4 knots against us. But all in all, we covered a solid 66 km, still had a third of the battery left, and all systems performed flawlessly.

We’ll be Back…

Admittedly, one thing did go wrong… we forgot to bring the fishing gear! It would have been nice to catch dinner, we certainly had enough time to do so. Anyway, that gives us another reason to get back out there in a few weeks and see if we can crack the 100km range.

Keep an eye out for the Beachcomber!

Beachcomber - Conversion Info

Beachcomber is a 7m Ramco Invader. In 2021 Naut converted it, by removing its old Ford V8 and installing the first prototype of Naut’s electric propulsion system. Battery technology is developing rapidly, and with today’s technology, we expect the system could achieve 50% more range at the same overall weight.

- Naut


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