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Kiwi Company Champions Zero Emissions With Electric Outboards

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Picture this. You’re cruising along your local beach ready for a day of sunshine, snapper, and swims at your usual fishing spot. The only sound is the ocean lapping against your boat. The air is free from smoke generated by the usual fuel-guzzling engine. You breathe deeply as your nostrils are met with sea air rather than engine fumes. You revel in the fact that your boat is planing smoothly across the ocean without any C02 emissions.

Start-up company Naut is enabling this reality for Kiwi boaties as they launch to market their electric-drive systems for recreational vessels, including power boats. With a fully electric motor, bespoke battery system design and control interface, the Naut team have crafted the ultimate boating experience – zero noise; zero fumes; zero emissions; one hundred percent of the fun.

The company was founded in the picturesque Northland where their team of innovators, engineers, product developers and creatives dreamed of a better way to do boating. The result? An electric propulsion system that is built to suit you. Should this be travelling 5 knots all day, at planing speed to get to your favourite fishing spot and back, or the power to pull up a wake boarder. The Naut team will work with you to build a system that meets your needs.

Fiona Bycroft, Naut’s General Manager said “The world is moving towards electric transportation and as a team of boaties, we wanted a cleaner, quieter and more exhilarating boating experience. It was this idea which led us to develop our first fully electric vessel.

You can’t beat reaching 20+ knots in a fully electric vessel. It was during the sea trial for our first prototype vessel that we knew we had developed an electric propulsion solution that would compete with the ICE equivalents.

Our talented engineers and product specialists spent a lot of time developing our electric propulsion technology and we can’t wait for New Zealanders to share in this experience.”

The Naut electric drive system can be installed in new-built boats or retrofitted to existing vessels, typically over 6 metres in length.

Naut is ready to talk to you about an electric propulsion system now or you will be able to pre-order your Naut electric outboard in Q2 next year.


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